EPIQ7 ultrasound diagnostic system

The new EPIQ ultrasound system was presented at the European Cardiology Congress 2013 in Amsterdam. It features nSIGHT technology, which, in combination with Anatomical Intelligence, anatomical imaging software, delivers both speed and clarity at the same time.


A new era in premium EPIQ7 ultrasound imaging
This platform is the most powerful ever used in ultrasound diagnostics — this applies to all aspects of image acquisition and processing, taking this field of diagnostics to a new, more advanced level of development.

nSIGHT technology is a absolutely new way of creating an ultrasound image, which helps to obtain a fine-grained image (high spatial resolution) in combination with incredibly high timing resolution.
In technically complex examinations, the nSIGHT architecture further enhances the PureWave technology, which has been the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducers in over 40 years. Pure, homogeneous PureWave crystals are 85% more efficient than conventional piezoelectric materials and thus offer unique performance characteristics. Conventional transducer (x800) PureWave (x800) PureWave crystals have near-perfect homogeneity, providing a wide transducer range and twice the efficiency of traditional ceramic transducers.
Technically complex examinations — no problem now
More precise information about tissue stiffness with elastography.

The EPIQ 5 system supports both compression and shear wave elastography
Access to multimodal images. The operator can view multimodal DICOM images obtained by CT, NM, MRI, mammography and ultrasound diagnostics.
Integrated data fusion tools
Fast and efficient image combining. New, fully integrated tools for combining the current ultrasound image with CT, MRI and PET images improve diagnostic confidence. Advanced needle navigation tools.
Puncture needle navigation tools help with such complex interventions as biopsy of small and hard-to-visualize neoplasms that are located near vital organs and structures. Similar procedures can now be performed faster and with fewer re-examinations.

Contrast-enhanced studies — revolutionary changes
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound can now be used without difficulty in almost any ultrasound diagnostic application.
The nSIGHT architecture provides enhanced sensitivity to reduce bubble concentration while achieving excellent timing resolution during the most critical wash-in and wash-out phases.

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