CX50 CompactXtreme

CX50 CompactXtreme ultrasound diagnostic system

Fully digital portable multi-purpose expert-class ultrasound system with transesophageal echocardiography feature.

A compact ultrasound system has emerged that is perfect for the needs of seriously ill patients and their physicians.

The Philips CX50 system delivers excellent image quality with a light, compact and highly easy movable cart that makes it easy to move the system to the patient bedside.


Previously only available with high-end Philips systems, the clinically proven PureWave technology delivers exceptional tissue information and descriptiveness.
It has easy-to-use tools designed with physicians in mind and allows you to examine patients regardless of their location.
The CX50 is the sole compact ultrasound system that uses PureWave single-crystal transducers for high-quality imaging. These innovative transducers provide excellent image quality even when examining severe patients in intensive care units.
15.4 inch (31.9 cm) diagonal HD display with wide viewing angle.
Dimensions Length: 35.6 cm, Width: 41.3 cm, Height: 7.6 cm, Weight: 6.17 kg

The CX50 system can be delivered to patients using a special cart, carried by hand, or packed in a special case for easy transport over long distances.

Transducers for Philips CX50 system
The S5-1 and X7-2t transducers with PureWave technology are exceptionally effective in all transthoracic and transesophageal ultrasound exams. The S8-3 and S12-4 transducers can be used for pediatric and neonatal U/S.

Convex transducers
C5-1 — for abdominal examinations, obstetrics, gynecology, interventional, vascular, contrast examinations, emergency contrast examinations and regional anesthesia.
C9-3V, C10-3V — for endovaginal studies.
C8-5 — for examinations of the head region in newborns and abdominal studies in children, as well as for studies of peripheral vessels.
C9-3io — NEW! For Intraoperative Ultrasound (IOUS) (Compact connector)

Sectoral transducers
S5-1 — for adult cardiac, abdominal, vascular exams
S8-3 — for cardiac exams in children and adolescents. (Compact connector)
S12-4 — for use in studies of the heart of children and newborns, epicardial studies.
Linear transducers
L12-5 — for small body parts imaging, vascular and abdominal exams and MSK. (Compact connector)
L10-4 Lap — for laparoscopic imaging. (Compact connector)
L15-7io — for cardiac and vascular surgery, superficial vascular imaging and MSK. (Compact connector)
L12-3 — for vascular studies, imaging of small body parts, breast, musculoskeletal system, for contrast studies, regional anesthesia and emergency exams.

Pencil-type Doppler transducers
D2cwc — adult cardiac exams.
D5cwc — for studies of deep veins and arteries.

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