ClearVue 850

Philips ClearVue 850 delivers powerful visualization possibilities and a high level of efficiency across the entire department.

Confident and reliable diagnostics

The ClearVue 850 ultrasound system delivers high levels of performance, ease of operation, workflow efficiency combined with user-friendly ergonomics and user-friendly data management. The system can be configured to perform general imaging for cardiac, vascular, abdominal, and OB/GYN exams, including 3D/4D imaging, as well as specific exams such as breast and musculo-skeletal system.


Ergonomic, height-adjustable control panel for comfortable use.


  • 19″ high-definition color hinged bracket monitor with tilt and swivel function;
  • Intuitive graphical user interface;
  • Keyboard shortcuts and active mode;
  • QWERTY alphanumeric keyboard;
  • External DVD-RW drive;
  • Additional functions key;
  • HDMI.

System architecture:
Fully digital wideband beamformer;
Microfine 2D focus option with dynamic focus adjustment;
Continuously variable control in 2D, CDI and Doppler modes.
Visualization Modes:
Philips Microfine 2D focusing;
Power Doppler (Color Power Angio — CPA) Philips;
Directional Power Doppler;
Anatomical M-mode;
Color M-mode;
PW Doppler;
PW Doppler with a high pulse repetition rate;
CW Doppler;
Freehand 3D;
Automatic 3D/4D visualization;
Fetal visualization in STIC mode;
Color comparison mode;
Dual imaging mode;
Triplex mode (simultaneously 2D mode, Doppler mode and CDI or CPA mode);
Signal processing with optimization in 2D mode;
Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI);
Harmonic imaging with pulse inversion;
Smart Doppler;
Scaling with reconstruction and panning (reading scale);
High resolution scaling (recording scale) Philips;
Panoramic visualization;
Trapezoidal visualization;
Adaptive Doppler;
Adaptive color Doppler;

Control panel and user interface:
Intuitive graphical user interface;
The main controls are easily accessible and logically combined;
Frequently used auxiliary controls are located on the soft buttons for quick access; soft buttons functions change dynamically depending on the active mode, preset, or system function;
Other auxiliary controls are accessed via on-screen menus.

Optimization controls:
Optimized 2D signal processing with 2x multi-line parallel processing;
SonoCT — real-time composite imaging;
Adaptive image processing XRES;
Intelligent optimization of iSCAN in 2D, PW Doppler and CDI modes.

All transducers with Philips active matrix technology support general visualization in cardiac, vascular, abdominal, and OB/GYN exams, as well as specific exams such as breast and musculo-skeletal system;
S4-1 wideband sectoral transducer;
C5-2 wideband convex transducer;
C9-4v wideband convex transducer;
L12-4 wideband linear transducer;
V6-2 wideband convex transducer;
3D9-3v wideband convex transducer;
L12-5 wideband linear transducer;
Pencil probe for displaying the CW Spectral Doppler D2cwc.
Supports electronic switching between 4 imaging transducers (max.);
The system supports up to 4 transducers, which allows completing a wide range of clinical tasks;
Dedicated 4D transducer port and 4D event indicator;
Multiple user-selectable transmission focus areas; up to eight focus areas for selected transducers;
Continuous dynamic receiving focus for all transducers;

The transducers feature ergonomic, lightweight, flexible cables

Viewing the cine loop:
Receiving, storing and displaying in real time and duplex mode;
Single frames with Doppler data and M-mode images can be archived for print or electronic media;
Support for dual-imaging mode with two buffers;
DVD/CD recording and reading functions.

Service and maintenance:

  • Remote access for on-time clinical and technical support;
  • Flexible service agreements;
  • Support for clinical applications and training.

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