ClearVue 550

The multi purpose ClearVue 550 ultrasound system with Active Аrrаy technology provides the highest quality diagnostic images.

New firm-specific Active Array technology integrates key imaging features into the transducer, improving image quality and reducing system weight. To create high-quality images in 2D and Doppler modes, just press the iSCAN button. Discover Philips unique SonoCT and XRES technologies that enhance image quality.


The ClearVue 550 system features a 17″ free-floating LCD monitor with a articulating holder and a storage trolley for accessories.

Lightweight and compact, the ClearVue 550 is easy movable and great for working in tight spaces. The trolley is equipped with fasteners for cables, so that they do not intertwine with each other; it also has built-in storage for frequently used accessories.

Areas of use

  • Abdominal studies,
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology,
  • Echocardiography of adults and children,
  • Cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular studies,
  • Small body parts and superficial organs
  • Locomotor system,
  • Pediatric radiology,
  • Prostate gland and urological studies.

Imaging packets — iSCAN Smart Optimization 2D, anatomical M-mode, CW Doppler, 3D imaging, manual, XRES image processing, PW Doppler, physiologic mode. DICOM standard. The system provides tools for measuring distance, area and volume.

Dimensions — width 51.8cm, control panel height 83.8cm, ClearVue550 system height (with monitor) 135.6-151.9cm, Weight (without transducers) 55kg.

Preset transducer settings expand the capabilities of the system, and four ports allow you to quickly select the desired transducer if necessary
ClearVue550 2

Transducers supported by the ClearVue 550 system:

  • Sectoral — S4-1
  • Linear — L12-4
  • Convex — C5-2
  • Intracavitary microconvex — С9-4v.

Since February 2013, the system has been equipped with a clinical 4D visualization packets and supports volumetric sensors.

Additional information

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